Alpha Xi Delta

Sigma at University of Iowa

Why Alpha Xi Delta?

Since Alpha Xi Delta’s founding in 1893, we continue to enrich the lives of women throughout the world with by emphasizing the ideals our Founders instilled in our Fraternity: Sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service to our communities. We fully embrace these ideals and the opportunity to bring them to college women.

Realize Your Potential. Alpha Xi Delta members across the country are called to action by our vision, and you can be, too. Your Alpha Xi Delta Sisters will welcome you, support you, and encourage you to be your best in every way.

During college, Alpha Xi Delta will be your home away from home and provide you with the inspiration you need to excel. Our Sisterhood will help you explore your strengths and expand your horizons while enabling you to serve your community, learn life lessons not taught in the classroom, enjoy social events, and build genuine, life-long friendships.

After graduation, you can rely on your Alpha Xi Delta affiliation with bold and talented women to help you transition into the “real world” – start your career, start your family, and start another chapter in your life.

Alpha Xi Delta is inspiration. Find out how we will inspire you!

We asked a fellow sister, why Alpha Xi Delta? 

"I chose Alpha Xi Delta because it truly felt like home during a time where I felt isolated and alone. I went through online formal recruitment in Fall 2020 during the peak of COVID-19. I was worried about being a freshman and making friends when there were no in person classes or events. Until recruitment, my only friends on campus were the girls who lived on my floor because it was so difficult to meet other people. I was feeling discouraged and lonely. Then, during recruitment Alpha Xi Delta started to feel like home. The girls were so welcoming and down to earth. I finally had a chapter full of friends during a time when I felt so alone. The transition to college was extremely difficult but my sisters made it possible. Alpha Xi Delta is a place where I can be the most authentic version of myself. I am constantly surrounded by resilient, courageous, and generous women. I am so grateful to be a part of such a special sisterhood. "


-Elizabeth Eaton