Alpha Xi Delta

Sigma at University of Iowa

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear Potential New Members,

Welcome to the University of Iowa! I am glad you are considering recruitment and the different sorority options you have to join. As you will soon see, there are so many different organizations for you to get involved in here on campus. I hope you choose to go through formal recruitment to see what the Greek community has to offer. Every chapter brings something different to our campus and we hope you can find your home in one of them. Alpha Xi Delta encourages women to realize their potential and become the best versions of themselves. We encourage our women to follow along with the four pillars the Greek community focuses on here at Iowa. These include academic achievement, leadership in the community, philanthropic service, and lifelong friendship. Our members focus on all four of these pillars throughout their college experience. The women of Alpha Xi Delta make this chapter a home away from home and build relationships that eventually turn into lifelong friendships and sisterhood. I strongly encourage you to register for Fall Formal Recruitment to see the unique personalities that each chapter brings to campus. The women of Alpha Xi Delta are thrilled to meet each and every one of you who goes through recruitment. Adjusting to college can sometimes be tough, as it was for me when I first moved in. I decided to go through recruitment to make this big campus seem a little smaller, and that’s exactly what happened when I joined Alpha Xi Delta. I have been able to explore my leadership abilities at Alpha Xi Delta, we encourage our women to get involved in our chapter and we have the most opportunities for leadership. I got involved as a freshman and joined the executive team, and now I am serving a second term as an exec. member. You do not have to follow my same path, although in Alpha Xi Delta we provide many ways for our freshman to get the most out of their sorority experience. My wish for you as a Potential New Member is to find a place where you can call home as I did in Alpha Xi Delta. Finding a place where you can create lifelong friendships is so important in college. I hope you find something here on campus that will make you feel a part of something bigger than yourself. Whether this be by joining the Greek community or finding a different organization on campus, I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. Make the most of your time here at Iowa and of course, go Hawks!

Alli Lemke

Membership Vice President